News Coverage of The Robben Island Singers

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6/16/10 Soccer Fanhouse: Prison Held Their Bodies, Soccer Freed Their Minds

5/15/09 ABC 7 News:

04/03/07 In These Times: The Robben Island Singers

02/08/07 Chicago Defender: “Motherland Music”

Motherland Music – If you’re around 47th and Drexel Blvd. this evening and hear sounds from “the motherland,” it’s the Robben Island Singers of South AFrica (a film and concert project) performing at ShoreBank’s Kenwood branch. The free concert begins at 6:30 p.m.

Through stories, songs, film clips and Q&A, three ex-political prisoners from South Africa’s struggle to end apartheid engage audiences in their incredible journeys and the process they are using to make a documentary film. From growing up in the townships, to armed struggle, torture and imprisonment on an island with Nelson Mandela, to the harmonies that fed their spirits in the cells and carries them forward, The Robben Island Singers open a window into the lives of former soldiers who now struggle to build a better future and just society in a new South Africa. Listen up!

02/07/07 Hyde Park Herald: “Kenwood Hosts Freedom Singers”

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02/07/07 St Louis Dispatch: “East St. Louis’ visible poverty shocks South African singer”

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02/06/07 Belleville News Democrat: “Apartheid revisited…”

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WGN News, 2007:

02/02/07 Chicago Tribune: “South African singers’ message, music inspire
Chicago students”

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02/02/07 Mike Klonsky’s Small Talk: “Freedom songs from Robben Island to Chicago”

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02/01/07 WBBM-AM 780 Chicago: South African Singers Perform At CPS Event

01/30/07 Distirct 299: Mandela Mates Come To CPS High Schools