What Students Say About The Robben Island Singers

By oscar
Published: September 10, 2009

Charles, from Kenwood Academy High School enjoyed The Robben Island Singers visit to his school:

“I’m not from a prestigious neighborhood. I’m from what you would maybe call a bad neighborhood. So these singers were a real inspiration. Their songs signify hope.”

Jasmine from Michelle Clark High School has this to say about The Robben Island Singers when they visited her school:

“This whole experience, I am just overwhelmed by it. I love the entire notion of history and heritage and getting to know it and actually playing a part in it. I believe we are kind of making history right now.”

Here are some questions that students have asked The Robben Island Singers when they do Q&A sessions in classrooms:

• Is there ever a time you regret standing up for your beliefs because of the consequences that followed?

• How old were you when you went to prison?

• You all have become an inspiration to many young people today. Who inspires/inspired you to fight against injustice?

• At what point in your struggle did you feel that your anger and pain should have been replaced by action and a revolution through song?

• Do you feel that it frees you to forgive someone who has wronged you?

• Did you find it difficult to re-adjust to freedom when you got out?

• Did a lot of ex-prisoners have trouble getting jobs after they were freed because they had to leave High School?

• How much racism is still left in South America even after apartheid?

• Do you think that your message is ignored by people who don’t acknowledge the past?

• Will you guys be back next year?

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